ARCHITECTS’ DESIGN STUDIO’S philosophy in the handling of an Architectural Commission stems from the belief that only the involvement of the Design Team in all phases of a project can a successful planning and construction project be accomplished. In the planning of facilities, the Design Team includes Architects, Planners, Engineers, Owners of the facility, Administrators, and other pertinent administrative staff. When the interests of each group are coordinated, innovative and superior quality environments can be produced.


PRE SCHEMATIC DESIGN - “Exploring Options”

The process utilized in a Pre Schematic Design Review is basically a time to explore options. Our normal use of this pre-planning endeavor is to produce conceptual options involving site utilization, conceptual placement of new construction and consideration of the implications of future growth.


SCHEMATIC DESIGN - “Establishing the Concept”

Having identified and studied the conceptual options from the Pre Schematic Design Phase the full Design Team moves from alternative design concepts to agreement on one scheme. The Schematic Design Phase will show the basic idea for the building and the plan of the proposed project as developed by the Architect.


DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - “Filling in the Details”

The Design Development Phase means exactly that – the development of a design incorporating thousands of details that will eventually be included in plans and written in construction specifications. At this stage there is a necessity for several planning meetings with the Administrators and Owners. It is necessary to make decisions during this phase and not when construction working drawings are being produced. Design Development is the time when all spaces are studied, discussed and reviewed showing all building forms, complete floor plans, inside and outside wall elevations and details.



At this stage of project development design changes should not be considered. Now is the time for the Architects and Engineers to develop in great detail the Architectural and Engineering Plans and Specifications. Architects’ Design Studio utilizes computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) as an extremely valuable tool at this project stage. Our office as well as those of consulting Engineers employs CADD systems for all of our construction documents. We utilize e-mail for distribution of progress construction documents between consultants enabling the preparation of construction documents to proceed uninterrupted.


Our computer system at this point is used to keep track of thousands of details and coordinate the Architectural Design with Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Engineering and FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment).



During the Bidding Phase the Project Team will schedule a pre-bid conference to answer bidding and document questions from prospective bidders. As project Architects and leaders of the Project Team, our goal at this phase is to insure that all prospective bidders receive the same supplemental answers to questions.



This project phase brings to the Design Team a new member, the Contractor. The work to be accomplished on site includes work out in the weather, including excavation, earth moving, underground utilities, concrete foundation work, masonry and roofing. Other parts of the construction will be done in more or less sheltered areas of the building. Still other parts will be done off site with products shipped to the site for assembly in the building during construction. All of these activities must be managed and coordinated so that thousands of parts work together to create a unified building